Joe Kras - Free-lance large format Photographer
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Joe Kras - Free-lance large format Photographer

Joe Kras - Free-lance large format Photographer

Photographer, Joe Kras

Joe first began using large format cameras while doing architectural photography. He was commissioned to photograph a variety of restaurants such as several Elephant Bars and Atlantic Café. He also was commissioned to photograph the new Vidal Sassoon training center in Santa Monica as well as Tumi luggage stores. These photos were used in international promotional pieces.

Since then, Joe has continued to expand his portfolio by photographing close up work, landscapes, and travel photos in large format. To date, he has photographed the Angkor temples of Cambodia, the 15th century churches in Honduras, as well as beaches and beautiful areas worldwide.

Joe’s photos are published in several books. They can be found in the series titled United States National Parks Tour: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Carlsbad Caverns, Everglades, and Redwoods. His photos can also be found in the series titled Enchantment of the World.

Even though Joe mainly works as a freelance photographer, he is also available for commissioned work and will consider all offers.

Why Large Format?

The beauty of large format photography begins when the photo is first shot. Each photo is imprinted in a large negative such as 4X5 or a 4 inch by 5 inch negative and 8X10 or an 8 inch by 10 inch negative. Because the negative is so large, the clarity and details of the photo are maintained even when blown up to large proportions. In fact, some photos can appear so crisp they look better than real life!

Printing Quality

Each photo listed on this website is a museum quality print. The original transparencies are fluid mounted on a Heidelberg Tango Drum scanner and then printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper using a ZBE Chromira Laserlight printer. This gives the print a luminescent quality.

Joe Kras - Free-lance large format Photographer

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